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The meaning of the term VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP call termination means receiving call from IP and delivering them directly to other PSTN, Cell Phone number using some SIM Boxes and Gateways. Due to its price and voice quality this service is going to be more and more popular around the world day by day. If anybody wants to start a VoIP call termination business, he must follow the following steps:

• First you need to setup your own SIM boxes and Gateways. A broadband internet connection is required to bring calls over VoIP.

• For PSTN call termination, normal phone line or E1 will be required. For SIM boxes cell phone SIM card will be required.

• Than you need a hosted server to run this service in the server.

• Now you need to find originators which will send traffics to the area codes.

Before start the service configure the network account and set up credit service with the originators. Now the whole termination process requires carrier management and perfect billing solution which will be include:

• Categorization of multiple IP addresses where Gateways and SIM boxes are running.

• Combined traffic across worldwide on a single public IP address and forward that traffic to different gateways.

• Routing each call at a lower cost for each gateways and SIM boxes.

• Call exceeding to a route must forwarded to the next available route, so the number of ports must be counted.

This billing solution need to be user friendly that will help user to access the carrier management to see the traffic and billing details. The quality of route is one of the main important things to increase the popularity.