Posted on: July 14, 2020 Posted by: wulmeradmin Comments: 0

One of the reasons enterprises prefer VoIP is because it can support practically any device as long as it has a microphone. An SIP endpoint can be an IP desk phone, cell phone, computer with a headset or built-in mic or even tablets. Employees who sit at a workstation all day generally use a softphone to make calls. It allows employees to communicate both within and outside the organization.

However there are few solutions that cater to a business wanting to provide an easy way for potential or current customers to contact them. Nowadays consumers prefer to contact businesses through Facebook, Twitter or the company website. If a user wants to contact you while browsing online, they generally have to hunt down the number and use a phone to call. Wouldn’t it be easier to provide a simple button which the customer can click to be immediately connected to a sales/customer support agent?

For example, clients can click an InstaCall button to be automatically connected to a designated VoIP number. Callers can be directed to an automated receptionist or a call center group. You can even put up multiple buttons with different numbers so that customers can be connected to the sales group or customer service team depending on which page they are on.

The service allows you to capture related information such as user accounts (if they are logged in) or the name of the product they were looking at when they called, so that no time is wasted in requesting information repeatedly. In many cases, a video call can solve an issue much quicker than a traditional voice call since the customer can show the problem directly to the support rep. Few people like calling customer support but using instant video calling can impart a measure of personalization to the process.

Implementation is extremely easy and you just need to incorporate a code snippet into your website. There is no need for separate infrastructure or protocols to be set up. Video calls are encrypted end-to-end ensuring that cyber criminals cannot steal information or eavesdrop on conversations. Best of all, it’s is powered by WebRTC which means that there is no need for customers to download and install plug-ins or additional software.

Today’s consumers demand quick and effective solutions to their problems and organizations using VoIP can provide exceptional service, building a brand image and gaining market share in the process.