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India boasts of many world class institutions which provide quality education, not only to the students of the home country, but to students of foreign origin as well. There are seats for NRI’s as well and all such seekers need to go through rigorous entrance tests, to grab a seat in highly acclaimed institutions of India. Some of the world renowned educational centers of higher learning are the IIMs- Indian Institute of Management which has branches all over the country. In fact, the competition is so tough that students can be seen vying for a single seat in which the ratio to a single set is extremely high.

In India, there are top commerce colleges which attracts foreign students a lot such as SRCC-Sri Ram College Of commerce, Symbiosis, Pune, Presidency College, Chennai, St. xavier’s college, Mumbai and many more. Similarly, there are colleges which offer science and humanities, Art streams which are hugely popular among foreign students. With such a craze, it is inevitable that calls to India will be made and the perfect means to do so is VOIP.

VOIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol which enables communication over Internet. Students who want to gather information about Indian universities will call India and VOIP offers the cheapest calling rates and has great sound clarity. Youngsters who avail scholarships can definitely make use of this technology and make VOIP calls to India. They can avail many options like calling from PC to PC, PC yo Phone and from phone to Phone. If a person is calling from his PC, he will need a microphone and good speakers.

Users can also call from VOIP phone, popularly called IP phone, which is like a regular phone but with a specialized adaptor. Users can find lot of information on VOIP on Internet and they can easily subscribe to services of VOIP. To start with, they can look for different calling plans of service providers and choose according to their requirements. For instance, some companies offer free calls to a particular number of countries or cheap calling rates to a particular number. There are also other plans which allow cheap calls to India and they depend on the policies of one service provider to the other. To subscribe to this amazing service, users have to fill an online form providing the necessary details and after doing so, they will be provided with VOIP software. As soon as this software is downloaded, users can immediately make cheap calls and save heavily on communication costs.

With VOIP, people can call India without bearing the brunt of long phone bills and they can easily switch to this cheap technology to enjoy free and cheap calls.