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You can call India or another overseas destination and save money at the same time when you touch base with your friends, family or business contacts there. You do not save money by direct dialing the number though. The rates could be astronomical, totally wrecking your budget. Instead, you can dial through an intermediary communications company using a local access number; or you could try VoIP if you technologically savvy.

Intermediary Dialling Access

When you have particular local access numbers, you can route your international calls through the intermediary communications company that owns them to realise a cheaper calling rate. What happens is that you would create an account with your chosen communications company and fund money into it to cover your calling. The company would then provide you with a local access phone number for you to dial into. Once you dial the number and gain access, you will be prompted to enter the country code of your call destination and then your party’s regular telephone number. This way, you bypass your regular local telephone company and their high prices for international calling!

For true savings when you call India or another international country, register your most utilised phone numbers with your chosen calling company. What this does is allow you to dial into the local access number without worrying about having to be at a certain location such as your home land line. You could register your home phone, mobile phone, work line or even a family member’s phone. By calling through the intermediary phone number, you do not have to keep up with calling cards or memorizing pin numbers. Waiting in a calling queue is also a thing of the past too.

VoIP Calls

Voice over internet protocol or VoIP is the method by which you can use your computer as your telephone. In addition to a fast internet connection such as T1 or cable, you need a microphone and computer speakers. A headset with a built-in microphone could work too. With special software that the calling company provides, you instruct your computer to dial the intermediary access phone number for you to route your international call.

Sending text messages using SMS technology through your computer is another way to communicate cheaply. You can type any text message you wish on your computer and send it to a mobile phone virtually anywhere in the world. And if you have a laptop, you could conceivably travel with your VoIP and SMS capabilities.

If you are unsure as to which international calling company to sign on with, choose one that counts calls by the second rather than rounding up to the next minute. Why should you have to pay for a full extra minute when your call was five minutes and two seconds? That is ridiculous. As you can see, you can call India or another international location cheaply without counting minutes and seconds.