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There is no doubt that Voice over Internet Protocol is taking over the telecom sector today. The newest innovation in the VoIP network named Softswitch can be a boon for the telecom service provider. This device will make audio and video call management as well as routing quite easier. Softswitch has been divided into two categories – Class 4 softswitch and Class 5 softswitch. Class 4 softswitch can handle the wholesale traffic and Class 5 softswitch can handle residential traffic.

Softswitch is a software platform for telecommunication service providers, wholesale carriers, NGN operators and internet service providers to blend voice and data traffic.

Softswitch is a carrier-grade routing and billing solution that fulfills all major requirements of the existing VoIP market. This device is aimed to provide wholesale carriers with an adaptable switching engine that ensures connectivity to diverse networks using a range of protocols and ensuring advanced network safety, reliable quality service and affordable routing management. This device allows VoIP service providers with an all-in-one management tool for different Internet Protocol telephony services.

Softswitch can be utilized by conventional and IP telephony carriers. The device is designed to manage a wide range of operations and services, without any variation between businesses with small or large traffic volumes.

This device even can be used by resellers in the field of wholesale and retail. In this case, this device works as call routing solution with an incorporated billing system.

Call Switching:

This device can receive and handle calls both with H.323 and Session Initiation Protocols, enabling carriers to interlink with providers and clients regardless of their call control protocol.

Key Features of Softswitch:

Available with integrated billing system

Scalable system for control and management of Internet Protocol telephony network, entirely based on a user-friendly web interface

Network scalability and redundancy

Better interaction between hardware vendors

Effectual resource management by means of change of media streams compression sort

Income protection capabilities

Support all available codecs conversions

An incorporated financial conveniences system that guarantees effectual business information

A huge variety of reports based on concurrent statistics data and reporting techniques

Proxy mode support

Professional VoIP service providers offer innovative and reliable Voice over Internet Protocol solutions for businesses across numerous industries. Firms and organizations of diverse sizes can benefit from their cost-effective, high-tech solutions backed by advanced technology. If you are planning for the future growth of your business, then switch to VoIP.