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The VoIP reseller is looked upon as a marvellous means by which people can easily avail the latest VoIP telephony service irrespective of where one is located. This adds extra fun to the availers of this telephony service. It is now possible for people to have A to Z termination of calls to any place of the world.

The internet based Voice over IP is a billing and account management system. So people can make online payment of bills after availing the VoIP network connection. Most of the time it is found that private label VoIP brings the best of service to people. Availers can now use the technology in their own brand name. But is not so in case of white label VoIP. People can use the services in the brand name of a wholesaler with white label.

The VoIP reseller program too differs in case of the private label and white label VoIP. In case of the private label the reseller can fix his own rates of call cost. But in case of a white label VoIP, the reseller has to abide by the rates as fixed by the wholesaler of the service. So, a lot of difference exists in the billing and account management for both these kinds of service providers.

The resellers of VoIP are now found in every region of the world. It is the efficiency of their service that compels people to avail this popular phone line with all its advanced features. Advanced features such as Caller ID recognition, Call waiting facility, Call transfer, Return call, Repeat dial, and three-way calling system are very easily found with this telephony service. The other extra-ordinary benefits include voice-mail, email facility and visual voice-mail facility. So, it is evident that it is actually possible for people to view others on their computer screen while forwarding the call.

The recent VoIP reseller program is very exciting and markedly makes both private label VoIP and white label VoIP very interesting. The users of this digital technology now get the chance to benefit from the interesting deals offered by the resellers from time to time.