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The craze for VOIP calls is spreading rapidly all over the world. Many users make use of VOIP services to serve both their professional and personal needs. There are many countries that offer such services at economical costs. One such VOIP service that allows you to make cheap VOIP calls is InterVOIP.

Let us see what this fabulous service has to offer to their customers.

InterVOIP – Introduction

InterVOIP is free software that allows you to place VOIP calls at economical rates. This is very beneficial if you are residing in countries where VOIP softwares are unable to connect to the net. You can easily download the software either from the official website or through rapidshare links.

You must be wondering about the sound quality and other features. You have nothing to worry. InterVOIP offers excellent voice quality without any distortions or voice delays.

Features of InterVOIP

In addition to offering cheap VOIP calls, InterVOIP also comes with a variety features and benefits for their customers. Some of its features include:

Account Creation and Recharging: There is no credit card option or any recharge option available in this VOIP call service. Customers need to click on their account link so that they can view their account details and recharge their accounts.

SIP: It also offers SIP services to their customers. Customers by using this feature can make SIP phone features to place calls to a number of destinations worldwide.

Latest Technology: The Company makes use of the latest technology to bring high quality voice communications to people all over the world. Using these features you can place cheap VOIP calls to regular phones.

Free Calls: InterVOIP allows use to make free peer to peer calls to any destinations worldwide. You just need to click and download InterVOIP software and wait for it to connect.

How Does InterVOIP Work?

InterVOIP starts automatically once you boot windows. Customers using this application need to enter their User Id and password. Once you have logged on to InterVOIP, you need to enter the destination callers’ number in the following sequence: 00+ country code+ area code+ subscriber number. Once the calls get connected you are now ready to make cheap VOIP calls to a number of destinations worldwide.

How to Place Calls through InterVOIP

There are many ways by which you can use InterVOIP to make VOIP calls:

  • In the textbox, you will need to enter the User name of the destination caller or the phone number and press enter
  • You will need to double click a user name from your contact list
  • You can either make use of the dial pad to place calls or use the keypad on your PC

Sound Quality and InterVOIP

The best part of using InterVOIP is that you can improve upon the sound quality as and when required. In other words, you can either use a headphone with any built in microphone, update your sound drivers etc.

You definitely won’t be disappointed with the call rates offered by this cheap VOIP calls service. For example calls placed to India will cost around .025 Euros per minute.