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VOIP for small businesses, is getting strangled slowly but surely. And guess who is the killer?

No prizes for this one.

It is the so called ITSPs, who ramped up their servers, enhanced their backbones, and renegotiated wholesale trunking to provide “quality business services” to their existing residential client base.

CLECs and ILECs charge a lot for business phone lines, and their feature bundles. In fact, the price charge for just the feature bundle like CallerID, Voicemail , Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, etc. you could get a full featured VOIP business line.

That’s huge savings if you are comparing only dial tone to dial tone.

But if you compare voice quality on both the lines, you will be disappointed.

And that is the crux of the problem. VOIP providers are happily providing digital dial tones with all features and a phone number for a third of the cost. But they don’t own the circuit right down to the customer premise.

They digital dial tone is riding over a third party broadband internet service which is pretty much like selling a fully loaded brand new car without wheels and expect the client to use his own resources to drive it around town.

You see “others” driving around this fancy car. Some are driving fast, some are driving slow, some may have great resources some may not and that’s what you discover for yourself when you take this fancy fully loaded car home.

Most of us are disappointed because we do not have in-house wheels powerful enough, nor can we afford the type of wheels needed to run this car.

So what do we end up doing? Every time we use this car, we end up blaming the car, not our wheels.

Haven’t you ever had this conversation with your caller, while talking on the VOIP Business line….

“Hey, are you on a cell phone? It seems to be a pretty bad network. I can hardly make out what you are saying. Maybe its a bad connection.”

And you say..”No its not a cellphone, I am trying this new VOIP line for business from XYZ, but it sucks. If XYZ cannot fix this for me, then I am cancelling this service.”

So who has to fix this service? The ITSP or VOIP Service provider. He sold you dial-tone with a number for a third the price, and that’s what you got !

Why does he have to fix your line quality? After all, you were told it needs broadband internet to work. And the quality will only depend on the broadband speed.

So now you see the light !

The roses aren’t red any more, the voilet’s don’t look blue either.

Everything looks black…because you know how much of a headache it is dealing with phone lines, phone companies, help desks and all.

Welcome to the world of IP Telephony!!