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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is proving to be a veritable boon to all businesses regardless of their size and scale of operations. But to truly avail of all the benefits of VoIP facility, it is essential that you choose the right type of VoIP service. Your present nature and pattern of business communications should help you in determining the sort of VoIP-service that will ideally suit your business communication requirements.

Software-based service is the preferred choice of many VoIP users worldwide as this type of VoIP Phone service means free, especially when the communication takes place from one PC to another over the Internet. You can make unlimited number of free calls unlimited provided you are talking to those who are using the same VoIP facility on their computers.

However, calls you make to mobile and landline phones will attract some nominal charge. The demerit is the voice quality may not always as clear as a hardware-based service. Besides, this type of service is prone to spamming and other security threats.

The residential/Office type of this service will entail replacing your present phone line – either the one at home or the one at the office. Once you sign for this type of VoIP service – even online – which you can do online, you will be provided a phone adapter (ATA) that you plug one end to your broadband Internet line (ADSL) and the other to the phone set.

You will have to pay a one-time subscription and monthly fees thereafter. You can make unlimited local calls or calls towards select destinations, or calls of limited minutes’ duration. Please know that this type of service is not available in all parts of the world. The fact is the required hardware is not shipped overseas and numbers are mostly given only to local residents.

There are some VoIP users who favor ‘No-monthly bill VoIP phone service’ and if you wish to avail this type of service, your service provider will send you the required device. With this device in place, you can make unlimited calls without receiving monthly bills. There are suppliers offering this piece of hardware – but on varied terms.

With Ooma, you buy the device outright, though quite expensive, but use it eternally without any recurring expenses. MagicJack supplies the device at a very low cost but you have to pay a nominal amount annually. PhoneGnome, the pioneers for this type of product, is moderately priced, but has some limitations.

You can opt for ‘Business VoIP Service and Solution’ and buy the ready-made package or have it customized to your requirements. If you are looking for something basic, you can go for the business version of the Residential VoIP services. By availing VoIP in a small medium-sized business you can access a lot of useful features and vastly improve your company image.

When choosing the right VOIP service for your business, it is essential that you should do some pre-study about the VOIP services available. You should also get feedbacks reports from similar businesses that use VoIP services.

There are several reliable and reputed VoIP service providers who will be able to guide you in choosing the right type of service for your business. RingCentral, for instance, is among one of the most leading VoIP service providers and they have a customer-base of around ten thousand spread across the globe.