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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a sophisticated communication technique offering improved and cost-effective communication solutions. This high end telephone system eliminates most of the communication problems seen in traditional PBX systems. VoIP small business phone systems offer huge benefits to the corporate entities. These hosted IP PBX systems can help SOHO businesses appear professional, as well as project a well-established image. Both local and international calls can be made at affordable rates without compromising the voice quality, with the aid of the virtual phone service.

Feature-rich and Flexible

VoIP small business phone systems come with loads of customizable features. The advanced features in this telephone system include: dial by name, dial by extension, virtual receptionist, caller ID, auto attendant, find me follow me call forwarding, music on hold, call transfer, voicemail, fax mail and so on.

The calls can be routed to a predefined set of phone numbers including cell phone numbers and home phone numbers, irrespective of the location using the call forwarding system. Unanswered calls will be redirected to a voicemail system. The voicemails and fax mails can be delivered to the customers as email messages. You can get virtual toll free numbers and local phone numbers with the area code of any city from hosted telephone service providers. You can retain existing phone numbers if you already have them, as those numbers can be linked to the exchange. The users of VoIP services can share voice, image, data, and video over a single line. Hence, a virtual PBX phone service can increase business productivity remarkably.

High Scalability and Manageability

A hosted PBX system is implemented in a virtual manner using a high bandwidth Internet connection. With hosted systems, small business owners are not required to buy, install or maintain any heavy equipment on the company premises. The service provider maintains all the equipments at their center. Moreover, the virtual PBX system is highly scalable, so the connections and features can be extended as and when required.

Not only are VoIP small business phone systems a low cost alternative, but an adequate replacement for expensive business communication systems owned by multinational companies, as VoIP phone systems provide the same functionalities as the traditional PBX system at a much reduced rate.