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Running a business is a challenge. Don’t you find that want to look at new ideas and what they can do for you? Sometimes you find them. Occasionally you stumble upon some great new way of working and it’s great. Yet more often than not the disruption caused by introducing anything new is just not worth it.

So there is idea called VoIP – voice over the internet (protocol) and it’s been around for a long time now – since 1992 in fact. Two thirds of the world’s phone conversations now use it, because it powers the backbone of the planets telecommunications.

I came across it a decade ago and I’ve been working with VoIP ever since. People don’t care about how it works – just what it can do for them.

These are just some of the great things that VoIP can do.

How To Avoid Business Misunderstandings

I have heard lots of people say “I wish there was a way to avoid misunderstandings.”

You know the kind of thing where you promise white widgets and they hear yellow widgets and complain like crazy because you’ve sent them white widgets. Well maybe VoIP can help you with that.

How To Answer Phone Calls More Efficiently

Back in the day, I used to employ a “telephonist” who would just sit at a console answering the phone and eat chocolates. It cost a fortune!

So then we automated the telephonist away and it became such a mess that everyone started using mobiles. There’s a great thing called an IVR (or voice menu) that can direct callers where you want them to be. Would you like one for free – well VoIP can do that.

How To Save Money

It costs an arm and a leg to call mobiles and you never know how much you are going to pay. There are connection charges and rounding up charges and… and…

Well, VoIP can do unlimited phone packages – make as many calls as you want anywhere for one fixed fee. And even better if you choose the right VoIP you can can call anyone on your network for free!

How To Get A Great Phone System For Free

I remember when a phone system cost a kings ransom. With the right VoIP you can get a system for free – no fees, no connection charges, heck even no carriage charges.

How To Get A Great Phone Number For Free For Anywhere

VoIP means that phone numbers are free of geographical restraints. You can have a London number even if your office is in Glasgow. You can also transfer numbers in.